Wines From The Sky: Air travel Wine Trends

The days are gone of options between chicken and beef. Present day air carriers put nearly as much thought to their catering because they do their safety programs and discerning palates demand an growing quality level – especially when it comes to wine.

Wines from the sky are selected in a different way to traditional wine lists. In days passed by, air carriers accustomed to choose wines on cost and offer, then quality. But because of the elevated appreciation, air carriers are actually searching to understand sommeliers and worldwide wine-makers to improve their catering status.

The altitude and cabin pressure has a tendency to dull the senses slightly, making flying tasting essential when producing a wine list. Low alcohol contents keep people from moving in to the lanes also to minimise the nasty results of jet lag. Quality is made through blind tasting at high altitudes to guarantee the perfect flying wine.

Cost and offer are a smaller amount of an problem in air travel wine selection, because the many worldwide wine-makers clamber for inclusion within the buggies from the world’s top air carriers.

Delta Air carriers

Delta Air carriers lately hired Andrea Robinson, dean of wine studies at New York’s French Culinary Institute, as onboard wine consultant. Previously, the air travel has additionally employed the help of Kenneth Chase, a Canadian master Sommelier that has also done wine lists for Wardair & Canadian Air carriers.

Air France

Located in Paris, Air France’s wine selection mostly features wines in the various French wine regions – why is this so? The earth’s best sommelier in 2000, Olivier Poussier assisted Air France shape the right French wine list for top flying appreciation. Poussier examined over 650 wines, while Air France also led employees towards finer points of wine and champagne presentation and appreciation.

Royal Jordanian Air

The South African Hazendal Shiraz 2003 was lately selected for those worldwide business class plane tickets on Royal Jordanian Air. The celebrated Hazendal Wine Estate’s Chenin Blanc 2007 seemed to be lately selected because the wine aboard national plane tickets on Comair/British Airways in Nigeria. Hazendal Wines are also connected with KLM and South African Airways.

South African Airways

The multi-top rated Fleur du Cap Unfiltered Sauvignon Blanc 2007 was lately selected by South African Airways, otherwise known to as SAA, his or her flagship whitened wine.

British Airways

The greatest air travel company within the United kingdom, British Airways is very happy with their wine selection – a lot to ensure that the British Airways Wine Club honours flying miles for cases bought. Through the years, British Airways happen to be nominated for a lot of honours for his or her flying wine lists including best prepared or sweet, best whitened, best sparkling.

Virgin Atlantic

As quick to follow along with trends in addition to start them, Virgin Atlantic’s onboard wine selection was selected using the guidance of Berrys Bros. & Rudd. Britain’s earliest wine merchant, Berrys Bros. & Rudd will be in business for more than 300 many happen to be your wine providers towards the British Royal family for several years.


The Finnish air company, Finnair, lately had their business class wine list famous because the runner in an worldwide air travel wine selection competition. Finishing a detailed second, Finnair received many other honours including best champagne or sparkling wine for his or her Frederick Perrier Champagne Cuve Royale Brut Millsime 2000.

Swiss Worldwide Air carriers

To not be surpassed, Swiss Worldwide Air carriers their very own wine honours – choosing the very best wines from around the globe and supplying all of them with global exposure. The top rated wines include French and South African items, like the Saronsberg Cellar Provenance Shiraz 2005 that was lately granted the gold medal.

American Air carriers

With the aid of Diane Teitelbaum, worldwide wine critic, evaluator, appreciator and selector, American Air carriers have produced the right wine list because of its many worldwide locations. For instance, Dragons Hollow Cabernet wine Sauvignon is offered on the way to or from China, while Val di Suga Brunello di Montalcino is offered when going to or from Italia on American Air carriers.

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