The Moral Manager

Within the mission for achieving greater competition and share of the market companies use a variety of methods to win and defeat their rivals. These approaches might be classified into two groups. The very first category is dependant on ethical practices. This include using innovation, better productivity and value accessory for out wit one&rsquos rivals. However, many companies also employ unscrupulous approach including cheating, laying, and lots of other kinds of illegal tactics. The very first approach is good and ethical while the second is unhealthy and dishonest. However many companies will also be while using second method of achieve their set goals. One negative consequence of this phenomenon may be the negative affect on the managers who to be able to succeed within their careers adopt dishonest techniques. Granted that lots of people can succeed with these negative tactics, but now you ask , – could it be the only method? The reply is certainly no and therefore managers should choose a better and nobler approach, that’s the approach of the ethical manager.

What’s A Moral Behavior:

The moral behavior of the manager is the fact that behavior which lines up with legal, moral, social, spiritual and human values. All actions which are against these values is going to be regarded as as dishonest.

All managers must choose the ethical paradigm and get characteristics generally practised by good managers. The next are the characteristics generally possessed by ethical managers:


Honesty remains the best policy which should be practised by great managers. Honest managers are individuals who whole heartedly commit themselves towards positive organisational goals, take proper care of the eye of employees, and supply excellent products or services for their clients. Honesty is really a highly desirable quality. Ironically, even companies who aren’t themselves look for honest people. A supervisor must maintain his/her integrity by spending so much time, being careful of organisational assets, and safeguarding the interests of stake holders.


Carefully associated with honesty and integrity is really a quality known as professionalism. Though hard to define, it might be referred to like a work behavior of the person which lines up using the rules and rules from the organisation and something&rsquos profession. Maintaining secrecy, loyalty to 1&rsquos employer, staying away from actions which might harm the organization one is employed by etc are the traits of the professional person.


Dealing with all people with dignity and respect and living like a good global citizen by adding towards the welfare of humanity and safeguarding atmosphere falls under humanity. A humane manager is an individual who thinks that certain of the objective of his/her existence would be to help others without seeking an incentive in exchange.


Spirituality is a&rsquos belief in something bigger and nobler than yourself. All motivation ideas have in a greater length talked about human needs and it is relations with human motives. However very couple of continues to be discussed spiritual needs of individual. I have faith that the greatest degree of human needs isn’t self actualisation but getting spiritual enrichment and gratification. This really is towards the top of 5 human needs pointed out by Abraham Maslow in the famous Needs Hierarchy motivation theory. Spirituality is really a frame of mind which allows us to obtain attached to the finest energy through deeds. Spiritual deeds includes non for profits projects like philanthropical works etc.

The main of excellent management is ethics, However, sadly today&rsquos managers face a dilemma of methods to achieve success without involving in foul play and unfair means. Rather blindly following a crowd good managers can carve their very own along with a better niche by involving managing ethics. If all managers become ethical, it can result in ethical organisations catapulting a universal society according to good moral values and seem business ethics.

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