The liberty to select

Self improvement brings option to the person. But in choice, but, can our options be restricted to our maps from the territory? Unless of course our maps are up-to-date or at best revealed to all of us (usually with a self improvement professional) our selection of change is restricted.

This information is not about freedom, by itself, but it’s about freedom to select. Will we really cost nothing to choose from all options? Does everybody have a similar options before these to choose? Choose happiness or sadness? Choose to hear in charge or otherwise listen? Decide to stick to the judge’s orders or otherwise?

I’ve got a thought that we all do be capable of choose, however the question I pose before us is selecting between which options? Will we think that people have exactly the same options of preference? The liberty to select something is restricted towards the options of preference which are before us. Where do these options of preference originate from? Why us obviously, and where and when did they are available to all of us? They came all through our way of life, through our encounters which produced our methods for thinking, our unique language and categories’ of understanding.

I have faith that until we are able to inform people through the entire process of doing and being in a fashion that they learn how to seafood, rather than providing them with a seafood, we won’t leave the planet in a far greater place then it was. It’s whenever we can train people how you can seafood (to train them that selection of existence is restricted by ones look at existence) – therefore, option is limited due to the boundaries of the personal and social communication (VAK, internal dialogue, meta-states, meta-programs, the films that participate in the mind) designs. This new psychology, that is in the centre of self-actualization psychology, is a vital facet of a cultural revolution which i think is essential for the following part of the introduction of a persons species.

Therefore the next large real question is, does your world (your map) permit you to get this to Selection of this new psychology? And would you accept my premise from the limits of preference being restricted through the limits of a person’s maps, alter the map, alter the options of preference?

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