The Airforce versus The G-Pressure Hands Dryer

The Airforce hands dryer from World Dryer is a britain’s most prolific hands under’ high-speed, energy-efficient hands dryer within the United kingdom.

The issue we request is ‘Whether this justified on the product performance basis?’

PHS dominate the hands dryer rental market plus they own Warner Howard who’ve been the primary United kingdom hands dryer supplier for 3 decades and therefore are established in specs and distribution. Additionally they own one of the leading online merchants that they discreetly distribute through, so that they virtually possess the market stitched up.

The Airforce hands dryer is unquestionably an excellent product nevertheless its quite costly just how will it match up against similar compact, high-speed, energy-efficient hands hairdryers. This short article compares it using the G-Pressure, a really similar sized EU manufactured hands dryer.

High-speed Hands Drying out

Technical specs for that Airforce states a 12 to fifteen second dry time. This really is fairly accurate if just a little water is used however we’ve done some fully submerged tests also it was overtaking 20 seconds.

Our testing demonstrated that under normal hands washing conditions, having a quick run underneath the tap, high-speed hands under hairdryers such as the G-Pressure and Airforce perform equally well as edge type hands hairdryers, in fully submerged tests edge hands hairdryers be more effective at getting rid of considerable amounts water, therefore are most likely slightly more appropriate in clinical conditions where hands are cleaned more completely.

Even though the G-Pressure hands dryer is really a hands under dryer it features a edge configuration instead of the multi-jet setup from the Airforce, so water is taken away more consistently and faster with bigger water volumes.

Clean Hands Drying out

The Airforce has championed its Steritouch anti-microbial plastics. For any hands dryer to possess this internally is most likely a small plus to hinder development of bacteria where it is not easy to wash regularly, however how essential for hands hygiene could it be once the hands dryer is non-touch sensor triggered is debatable. The G-Pressure hands dryer has AGION silver ion coating inwardly and outwardly, but additionally has got the benefit of getting a optional Dust filter integrated into the system to get rid of 99.99% of airborne bacteria and dirt contaminants.

Low energy hands drying out

G-Pressure hands hairdryers can be found like a more effective 1.1kw or like a eco .55kw version, the .55kw version is 2-3 seconds (13-15 as a whole) but clearly uses half the energy so roughly 2 w per dry, whereas the fir.1kw uses 3.6 w per dry that is virtually like the Airforce. Please be aware that this based on producers product specs not actual dry occasions.

Noise level comparison

The G-Pressure eco is simply 68db the turbo model is 74db both quieter compared to Airforce at 79db. 10 sound levels translates to some doubling in noise level therefore the G-Pressure is really a noticeably quieter hands dryer.


Hard to be objective about beauty, why else would Mick Hucknell have dated a few of the world’s most glamorous women?

Both Airforce and also the G-Pressure are attractive and discrete hands hairdryers that increase the decor associated with a bathroom.


The Airforce most likely just wins when it comes to the interior quality nevertheless the G-pressure has a two year longer guarantee (five years as a whole) so not really much inside it.