Put on Gomed making Rahu Move Favorable inside your Horoscope

Based on zodiac, every gem is connected having a specific planet and getting mystical effect based on such relation. Certainly one of such planet is Rahu that is taken as malefic planet which is thought when it will require unfavorable move, any loss could be happened.

Gomed word is obtained from Sanskrit meaning cow’s body fat and sometime as cow’s urine. Gomed term can be used with this specific gem of rahu might be because of its cow’s urine colour. Gomed Stone can also be famous as Hessonite, Raju ratna, Cinnamon Stone, gomedhak and ping spatic.

Gomed isn’t a normal gem so it shouldn’t be worn for whole existence but for a while when Rahu mahadasha period is happening or rahu is positioned at unfavorable position in horoscope of individual.

Bad position of Rahu in horoscope causes financial troubles, marital existence problem, job consistency problem etc. Gomed Stone is worn to get solution of those problems by individual. Rahu planet can also be accountable for nearly every bad dasha like kaalsarpa dosh, Putradasha, Kalathradasha etc.

To avoid such unfavorable dasha and move of Rahu in order to make its relocate favour,

Gomed Gemstones works.

Gomed stone also functions as a medicine for individuals facing illnesses like skin allergic reactions, a sore throat infection, cold, insomnia, epilepsy, eye infection, sinus, piles, etc.

Ceylonese Gomed is easily the most pure and efficient kind of Gomed Stone. It specifically favors if worn by ballroom dancers, athlete, artist, marketers, authors, etc. Additionally, it gives good benefit to those who are running a business of computer systems, export and import, press, printing, groceries, transport, agriculture etc.

Ceylonese Gomed is taken because the extremely swift effective gemstones but it’s also thought that if it’s worn without analysis of position of rahu in horoscope, it may give bad results too so people use to put on Gomed Stone just with proper zodiac guidance.

Gomed can also be certainly one of precious gem therefore it don’t is available in inexpensive and because of such expensive, people sometimes prefer Safi or Tursa gem instead of it that is comparatively lower in cost.

Ceylonese Gomed stone ought to be worn in silver as well as in middle finger of right hands on Saturday after cleaning it with milk and Ganga jal.

Wholesomeness of Ceylonese Gomed really matters much to work to such extent that it may reduce malefic aftereffect of rahu and then any such gomed stone cannot be taken as pure and efficient which consists of roughness, holes, dents, spots etc.

But it’s also entirely possible that simply by taking glance of Gomed Stone, an individual can identify it’s wholesomeness factor. And So I am revealing an evaluation way are you able to can identify wholesomeness of Gomed Stone easily, i. e. should you put Ceylonese Gomed in milk, milk will shine yellow-colored slightly. Whether it so, this means Gomed is pure and efficient.

The option would be inside your submit title of Gomed Stone, if you’re also certainly one of sufferers of rahu planet’s bad move. Put on it and find out the good change.

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