Paul Chehade for Leader from the Usa

Paul Chehade for Leader from the Usa

Dear fellow People in america,

The time is right for those proud People in america revisit our values, towards the first step toward our nation. We’ve had an adequate amount of politics and partisan rights.

Hard the truth is that both major parties, which have controlled our country for thus many presidencies, continuously neglect to bring wealth and undermine our most sacred privileges, the liberty to reside with dignity and peace within our hearts.

It’s time to do what it’s perfect for our nation and it is people and never what a number of influential economic forces dictate for his or her sole benefit.

It’s because of this that, after talking to with my loved ones, co-workers and buddies round the country, I’ve made the decision to intent to entitled to the presidential candidacy of the great nation, praying to GOD for guidance and protection within this hardest endeavor.

I’m not a politician, nor a uniform. Now i am an easy person like the majority of us that loves and takes care of our country and merely cannot stand our nation’s not sustainable situation any longer.

I won’t repeat exactly the same political phrases candidates say within their speeches when they’re campaigning after which not fulfill their promises. My primary problem is going to be, to for good, unite our nation underneath the umbrella in our founding fathers and safeguard our freedom, peace and wealth.

To illustrate our political platform, we’ll push for any law that safeguards our low earnings seniors from having to pay taxes on their own homestead and secure their fundamental needs are met.

We’ll safeguard the privileges in our males and ladies in uniform, especially those that fought against for the country to safeguard our privileges and freedom. We’ll be certain that, in their return, they’re going to have secure jobs as well as their families is going to be guaranteed their fundamental needs is going to be covered.

Because the foundation of our nation consists of honest and difficult working immigrants, we can’t tolerate discrimination in all forms.

if among the problems in our nation is against the law immigrants, we ought to contemplate the potential of legalizing each one of these immigrants to allow them to start adding for this country by having to pay taxes like many of us by investing and trading their cash within our country.

We want so we must implement a brand new solid and secure system to safeguard our edges and something option might be using the help of our military to prevent the immigration problem later on.

I’m from the new health law for 2 primary reasons. First, the price of applying this law will lead to bankrupt our nation. Next, our government cannot impose a compensated insurance to each citizen it is going against our freedom of preference.

We have to take action towards the health care condition in America and discover avenues to supply free insurance towards the low earnings people and reasonable and cost-effective insurance premium for that relaxation of people.

Worldwide, I will begin to give priority to the American Region. In my opinion it is crucial to possess a lengthy lasting relationship with this neighboring nations and operate in oneness for any better way forward for our region.

Our region is really wealthy we have virtually all of the assets for future decades. We have to give priority to any or all the items “Produced In America” and rebuild the manufacturing industry which will give jobs to the people.

And last and most importantly, we have to address the rampant investing that’s pushing our nation towards the edge of collapse. Our deficit is sort of a cancer wrecking our country from inside.

I’ve got a question for you personally. How confident are you currently within our nation’s future using the current trend of monetary guidelines?

I only request all People in america with solid values that love the united states like I actually do that helped me to restore the belief and concepts in our founder fathers and return this nation to become respected again like a great nation.

God bless America.

Paul Chehade

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