Is The Honesty A Testimony To God?

When Laban and Jacob were parting ways, the time had come for Laban to spend Jacob for his many years of work. In Genesis 30:32-33, Jacob suggested that Laban provide him the spotted, specked, and dark-colored creatures from the flock as payment. He recommended that any animal present in his possession which was not spotted, specked, or dark-colored might be considered stolen.

The important thing phrase we ought to concentrate on in Jacob’s proposal is “&hellipmy honesty will testify for me personally&hellip” Are we able to the same? Is our honesty a testimony? Let us consider some methods that people could make our honesty a testimony to God.

Our time spent at the office

Are we been honest with this work time? When we work an 8-hour day, will we honestly spend eight hrs working? Research has proven that many workers are really only productive for just two-3 hrs of every workday. What’s happening towards the relaxation of times?

Shall we be investing a lot of time checking your own e-mail accounts? Shall we be surfing the web for private reasons?

Shall we be taking a lot of personal calls or investing a lot of time on the mobile phones – whether which means speaking or texting?

There’s no problem with taking breaks among tasks. Our minds need time for you to refresh to ensure that we are able to remain focused if we are working. But there’s a place where starting to benefit from the problem. Even when nobody points it to us, we all know within our hearts where that lines are.

Our use of supplies at the office

Our companies want us to have the ability to perform our tasks effortlessly. They struggle to make certain we have use of all the supplies essential to handle our duties.

However, the temptation to make use of the supplies for private needs could be great. How frequently will we attempt to justify taking home that pen or even the pad of publish-it notes? Who has not made personal photo copies or printed personal documents in the computer and printer at the office? It did not cost much, right? However that little cost will prove to add up pretty rapidly if every worker thinks and responds this way. What effect does which have around the company’s main point here?

Transactions in a variety of stores

Honesty isn’t just an problem at the office. We are able to also consider our honesty if we are out shopping. For instance, what don’t let do if your cashier transpires with ring up our products improperly or provide us with back an excessive amount of change? Will we tell ourselves it’s not our fault and then try to talk ourselves into thinking that it is blessing?

On the other hand, it is possible that God was giving us an opportunity to be His witness for your cashier. That cashier might not know God, which was our chance to exhibit the cashier the romance in our God.

To consider it one step further, wouldso would we’re feeling when we later discovered the cashier was fired for frequently being short around the check out? Our silence may haven’t only cost one individual their job, however it might have also devastated a family group. The cashier might be just one parent, the only provider for that household, or supporting an ill or seniors member of the family.

It’s funny (but sad) that we’ll stop wasting time to indicate a mistake when it’s not within our favor, yet we’re quiet if this looks to profit us. But, as possible see, our little actions might have large impacts. Let us pray for any change within our thinking to ensure that we are able to use individuals moments of honesty like a testimony around the world concerning the God we serve.

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