Month: August 2017


Tips For Hiring Best Contractors Near You

Yes, it’s been said that every man’s home is his castle, but if that home has an out of date bathroom with cracked tiles and peeling paint and a kitchen with appliances in dark avocado green, maybe, just maybe, it’s time to give that castle a major upgrade.

Sure, for homeowners who want a beautifully renovated home but who have no experience in design or construction, the thought of extensively redoing a home can be pretty daunting. Many homeowners wonder, how do those homes in the interior design magazines look so fantastic? The answer is that they probably had an experienced, licensed contractor guiding the process.

Finding Contractor Leads

Yes, renovating a home into a dream house sounds great, but How does a homeowner find someone to help guide the process of their home renovation? Though in the past many people had to rely heavily on referrals from friends and business associates for reputable contractor leads, today there are more resources available, especially online. Many websites are now available that have extensive lists of local contractors for homeowners to review. These contractor listings will have contact information plus information on the contractor’s specialties and past projects. All of this makes it easy to find someone with the right experience and expertise for that dream project.

The Next Step Towards Building The Dream Home

Once a homeowner has found some good candidates online for a project, they should call one of the contractors and have a phone consultation. This should be a free phone meeting that allows the homeowner to explore their ideas for the home renovation. The contractor should be able to get a sense of what’s needed, and budgets and materials can be discussed. Choices in types of materials (brands of paint, styles of cabinetry and flooring, plumbing choices) can make a difference in pricing, so that’s something the contractor can discuss. Finally, when the homeowner speaks to someone who seems like the right fit, they can make an agreement, and begin really planning that new dream home.

No, getting a dream home isn’t a simple task, but with the right expertise, it is an achievable dream.