Month: July 2016

General Article

I Could Not Wait to Get Home for a Big Night on the Town

After being overseas on active duty for two years, I was ready to come home. Before I entered the military, I was a guy who partied a lot and was a college student. I didn’t have many worries. But one day, I decided I wanted a change. Not long after basic training, I was sent overseas to Afghanistan. When my time there was up, I wanted nothing more than to see friends and family. I wanted a night out with friends and I checked into a Platinum limo bus in Toronto from my computer overseas to check out how it would work.

I had a lot of money saved up and figured that I could handle whatever price the bus would be. But I really over-estimated the cost because renting one for just 4 hours was next to nothing compared to the price that I had assumed on my own.